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  • During a 1988 NFL Playoff game why did the refs announce what had happened after every play?
  • Who joined the NBA because he was afraid of sharks?
  • Which country proceeded straight to the final of the 1930 World Ice Hockey Championship?
  • Which world-famous actor was so β€œtaken” with boxing that he became an Irish amateur boxing champion?
  • Which player holds the record for the fastest tennis serve?

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Also known as Fog Bowl, the 1988 playoff between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears was played in dense fog. The fans couldn't see the field and the players couldn't even see the sidelines or markers. The Bears won 20-12.

Tim Duncan was a 400m freestyler and was training for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in the US Virgin Islands when hurricane Hugo struck and destroyed the pool he was training in. He had a mortal fear of sharks and couldn't train in the ocean so he took up basketball to keep fit.

In the first World Championships Canada was considered so strong on the ice that it did not take part in the knock-out tournament. Other teams battled for the right to play Canada in the final. Germany made it through but was beaten 6-1.

Liam Neeson began boxing aged just 9 and went on to win a number of titles before stopping aged 17. Neeson is known today for Star Wars and Schindler's List among others.

Australian Sam Groth recorded multiple fast serves in a single match at the 2012 Busan Open Challenger. He three fastest were 253 km/h, 255 km/h and the world record 263 km/h.

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